“Tell Me What is New” – Free Download

I was asked to develop a theme song for the stage production of “Good Day Nimrod.” As the play centers around competing news shows, I wrote the lyrics to be ambiguous as to whether it was about the news or a relationship. As the play is lighthearted, I thought it would be a good time to try using my ukulele in a recording for the first time.

I had a lot of fun recording this song over the weekend. You can listen to (and download for free) the song below:

Full Version:

To download, right-click this link and “save link as…”: download

Instrumental version (with electric ukulele):

To download, right-click this link and “save link as…”: download

Karaoke version:

To download, right-click this link and “save link as…”: download

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"That's Good" by Steven Curo

CD Release: “That’s Good” by Steven Curo

If you are a lover of country music, heads up! I had the pleasure of recording Steven Curo covering some of his favorite country hits. His clear and sincere voice conveys all of the classic, country emotion. Steve did a lot of the guitar and bass work, but he had some talented soloists do violin, piano, lead guitar, and drums. Here’s a sample of the CD, which you can get by contacting Steve or Doctor Obvious Studios.

The Pinocchio Proejct

CD Release: The Pinocchio Project

The Pinocchio Project (Original Soundtrack) is out and you can listen to it below.

Bret Carter needed theme music and scene-change music for his play, “The Pinocchio Project”. With a blend of orchestral, electronica, and robot pop, the songs retell the story of the play in an original way. You can listen to previews and buy the music on CDBaby.com, iTunes, and AmazonMp3. The album is cheapest on CDBaby. You can hear full-length versions of several of the songs on the Doctor Obvious Studios Facebook page.

The soundtrack for “The Pinocchio Project” mirrors the fundamental question of the play: Is technology our servant or our master? Even the names of most of the songs are tips of the hat to famous works of literature exploring technology, robotics, and society.

Constructed with a mix of orchestral, electronica, and robot pop, the songs create tension and a feeling of progression, often starting from simple and humble beginnings to end with sonic fireworks, or perhaps move back to a whisper. Traditional instruments are fused with synthetic ones to produce an interesting and dramatic result.

The song “False Maria” incorporates recordings from “The Conet Project”, which monitored shortwave radio spy transmissions with a haunting character.

The seeds for several of the songs (“Caves of Steel”, “Klaatu Barada Nikto”, and “Cascade Failure”) began as much as 10 years ago. Once the details of the play solidified the songs were refined and re-targeted. Several new pieces were created to capture the feeling of the play on a scene-by-scene basis. Whether it is the implied robots marching in the title track, or the sense of urgency of “Caves of Steel”, the tracks not only complement the play, but stand on their own telling a story and taking the listener someplace else, but also maybe revealing something about their home.

Feel free to post a comment and let me know what you think!

The Pinocchio Project (Original Soundtrack) - Doctor Obvious

CD Release: Ruby Mirror

Bret Carter and his sister, Julie Oehlert, have released a delightful album with a mix of rock, folk, and a dash of country. “Ruby Mirror” was mainly written and perform by Bret, with Julie singing lead. Her pleasant voice immediately makes you feel comfortable as you listen to heartfelt songs and amusing stories. We recorded the album over many years and are excited to finally be able to share it.

Here’s a sample of the album. You can buy the album and listen to more excerpts at Amazon MP3, iTunes, and CDBaby will also let you purchase a physical CD. Just search for “Ruby Mirror”.

Quickie Songs: Your ideas become music!

I’ve been taking ideas from people and quickly making some little songs.  They aren’t completely polished but have been a lot of fun.  To make your own suggestions, go to the Doctor Obvious Studios Facebook page (link also in the right sidebar) and leave a comment.  “Like” or “Fan” the page in order to get the updates as they come out.

Here are some examples so far:

Make a techno version of Fight of the Bumblebee:  Supersonic Flight of the Bumblebee

Make a polka version of Lady GaGa’s “Poker Face”:  Polka Bass

Make a happy ring tone that I can use for when my dog-sitting clients call:  Canine Ring

Make a song about cake:  CAKE

Make a song about changing the toilet paper roll:  Change the Roll

And here’s a specific one:  Make a song about having a cinnamon raisin bagel on Monday morning:  Monday Morning

So, what  are you waiting for?  Go to Facebook and leave some suggestions!

Video for the last one:

CD Release: Kids Songs

I’ve finished a CD of original kid’s music for my nephews, nieces, son and daughter. What a project! Lots of fun with plenty of excuses to try fun voices and sounds. I got to use a vocoder, a kalimba, kazoo, slide whistle, and more. I personalized a lot of the songs to include the kid’s names. Here are some excerpts from “Get Up”, “Throatasaurus”, “Hi, Jumpers”, “Robot Versus Alien”, “Sunbeam”, and “The Monkey Song”.

CD Release: Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

We have finally released the CD of the musical “Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch”! Woo-hoo! The play is about some cowboys who sing to their cattle to keep them from stampeding, but aren’t very good at it. At some point, some sweet-singing cowgirls enter the picture as well as a no-good-do-er looking to steal the ranch. It has explosions, cows, and everything else necessary for a good time. CD’s are $12 and help Hyland Christian School. If you would like a CD, email me or leave a comment and I’ll get a hold of you. We can ship CDs for an additonal $2.

Here’s a sampler track with excerpts from some of the songs:

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