Music For Kids

A Custom CD Made for the Kids You Love

Would you like to give a special gift to your son, daughter, niece, nephew, or grandchild? How about a CD of kid’s music with fun, wholesome songs, several of which use their name?  And what if the CD didn’t drive you crazy like a lot of other kid’s music can?


I recorded a CD of kid’s music for my nephews, nieces, and my children with country, rock, pop, rap, electronica and more. They have been enjoying the CD and singing along and are delighted when they are the star of a song!  Meanwhile, others have asked if I could customize the CD for a child (or children) they love.

This CD is appropriate for kids aged 2 and up.  Adults have even admitted they enjoy it too!

There are 4 customizable songs on the CD:

  • Throatasaurus:  A kid helps a dinosaur get his roar back.  Needs one (1)  girl’s or boy’s name.
  • Hi, Jumpers: Feature a kid on a trampoline who can jump really high!  Needs one (1) girl’s or boy’s name.
  • Bubble Your Milk:  Is someone making a mess at the kitchen table?  This song can have one to four (1-4) names of girls and/or boys.
  • A Pirate’s Life: A pirate explains what it means to be scruffy and piratey. (0-4) names of girls and/or boys

In total, the CD can be customized for a single child or all the way up to six children.   If you have more children than that, might I suggest 2 CDs?  If you would like a CD, please list which children’s names you would like in which songs, their gender, and include help on pronouncing each name (a word that rhymes with each name is useful). A customized CD is $25.  Additional copies are $10.  The shipping costs is 5$ for 1 CD,  $6 for 2 to 4 CDs, and 5 to 10 CDs is $10.  Turn around time is typically 1 week.

Payment can be made by Paypal or personal check.  Send your request and information to and we’ll get back to you promptly.


3 thoughts on “Music For Kids

  1. lots of joy each time we listen! Thanks for all the hard work. Dad

  2. This is the best children’s CD I have heard! It is so clever and thoughtful. I can’t wait for my little niece’s birthday so that I can give it to her. Thank you for making them!

  3. Mark
    Johnny’s neice is turning 2 on the 26th. I would love to give her a CD with her name used in it. Her name is Alexa (Uh lex Uh) Do you have time to get this done before her bday party? Sorry, if I had known about it before stalking you FB page I would have asked earlier!

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