Custom Music:

We can create custom music for your YouTube video, magic show or other applications. Please see Doctor Obvious Band Homepage for more examples.

Original Sound Effects:

Need a recording of a rain storm or Foley work for a sound effect? Just try to describe it and we’ll produce it.

Vocal and Demo CDs:

Do you like to sing with prerecorded tracks and show off your chops? Ever want a recorded, professional version of a karaoke performance? Doctor Obvious Studios will record and mix your vocals onto the background tracks making a great demo or a gift for friends and family.

Record Your Band:

We are cheaper than most studios and maintain a positive attitude that keeps it fun. We have a top-of-the-line electronic drumset that plays like an acoustic and an acoustic guitar that are available for use.

Mastering of CDs:

Add that finishing touch! General EQ, reverb, and loudness normalization can be applied to finished tracks.

Anything Audio:

We can record many tracks of pristine audio simultaneously, and layer an endless number of tracks. For more information on services, please contact us.

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