Music for Magic

We have pre-made tracks (typically for $0.99) and we can also create custom music for your exact show. If you are interested in custom music and magician introduction tracks, please scroll down for more information or complete the contact form at the bottom of the page.


Tracks for Magic Shows

Here are some tracks available on CDBaby, iTunes, and AmazonMP3 that you can use royalty free for your magic show. If you want to record the show (for YouTube, promotional videos, sales, etc.) you must contact us for a license. But if it is just for a live performance, just buy the track where you want and you have our permission to use it.

Tracks that feature “epic” and “symphonic” styles:

Tracks that feature more “modern” and “electronic” styles:

You can buy these tracks and more at the following locations. The artist is “Doctor Obvious.”




Custom Music for Your Magic Show

We can create specialized, modern music for magic shows. We can put lulls and climaxes in the music that correspond to the build up of your illusion for a heightened effect. Just as a great soundtrack adds to and complements a great movie, great music can really make your act shine.

For rates and more information, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Here are examples magician introduction tracks. These can be edited to use your stage name for $30. If you think a different song from this page would make a great introduction, send us the dialog you want and we can do that too!

Magician Introduction Examples

This page shares a variety of music, some of which is more suited to magic shows than others, but it gives you an idea of the breadth of styles that we could craft for you. Some are more electronic whereas others are more orchestral. We can also do slower more graceful pieces (Enya-esque).

If you find an existing track that you like, you can then use the tracks in your live show. If it is not available on iTunes or CDBaby, just send an email our way and let us know what you want. If you wish to use your tracks in a show that will be recorded and/or distributed (even just for YouTube), you must contact us for 1-time licensing fees.

But what if you wanted something custom, something tailored to fit your show exactly? You could send initial ideas of what you were looking for and we would sketch some rough ideas to send back. Based on your feedback we’d revise the music. For example, you could say things like, “Could you move the climax at 1:45 to two minutes and make the music softer/slower in between?” or, “I really don’t like the use of the trumpet at the end of the song.” You can have the music altered until you’re happy with it. For most arrangements, you would be given an unlimited license to use the music as much as you would want for public performances of your show. Music for recorded performances may have extra licensing costs.

If you would like more information just let us know. If you would like to discuss having custom music made, please fill out the contact form and hit submit.



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