CD Release: Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

We have finally released the CD of the musical “Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch”! Woo-hoo! The play is about some cowboys who sing to their cattle to keep them from stampeding, but aren’t very good at it. At some point, some sweet-singing cowgirls enter the picture as well as a no-good-do-er looking to steal the ranch. It has explosions, cows, and everything else necessary for a good time. CD’s are $12 and help Hyland Christian School. If you would like a CD, email me or leave a comment and I’ll get a hold of you. We can ship CDs for an additonal $2.

Here’s a sampler track with excerpts from some of the songs:

More info after the break.

The play was written by Bret Carter and his father last spring. Bret wrote most of the music and lyrics, with his father Ron contributing a track. I had a fun time learning to play the harmonica and jaw harp, as well as using synthesizers to do the drums, strings, slide guitar and more. Bret did the real guitar and bass, as well as the mandolin on a track and the piano on several tracks. Altogether, it was a fun project!

CD Face

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