Equipment / Instruments

Recording Gear:

RME UFX audio interface

Yamaha ProMix 01V 16 Channel Digital Mixer with ADAT

Genelec 1030A Bi-Amplified Reference Speakers

Shure SM58 and Beta 58A Microphones

GT AM52 and AM51 Condenser Microphone

AT 3035 Condenser Microphone


Cakewalk Sonar X3 Producer

RMX Stylus

Lots of Plugins

Performing Hardware:

Korg Kronos 73-key

Korg Trinity Pro 76-key

Roland TD-20S-Bk Drum Set, Expanded

Alesis QS8 88-key

Line 6 Pod X3 Live for Guitar, Bass or Vocals

Korg Monotron

Other Instruments

Tenor Ukulele


Tungna (Tibetan lute)

Slide Whistle


Native American Flute

Dholak (Nepalese double-headed hand-drum) small and medium

Zube Tube

Several Kazoos