Soundtrack: “The Chamber of Keys”

“The Chamber of Keys” is the soundtrack for the Hyland production of “Finders Keepers”. It features dynamic and suspenseful symphonic music to heighten the sense of adventure. I even managed to sneak some dub-step into the middle of the symphony (check out Carmina Piranha).

Here is a preview of the tracks and their variety in style (won’t work on iPhone/Mac, go to CDBaby below for previews):

If you like soundtracks by Hans Zimmer (Batman, Inception, Pirates of the Caribbean) or John Williams (Indiana Jones, Star Wars), give this a spin. The soundtrack can be downloaded from:

Doctor Obvious: The Chamber of Keys


Chamber of Keys on Amazon


The Chamber of Keys - Doctor Obvious

There are also excerpts from each track available at these sites. I’d love to hear feedback from you!

The key design and photo was by Kendra Tornheim of Silver Owl Creations. Look her up on Etsy! The layout and artwork was by Mark Phillips.

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