EP Release: The Princess and the Fool

“The Princess and the Fool” is the soundtrack to the play of the same name written by Bret Carter. Set in the time of castles with moats and juggling pirates, it has a certain renaissance flair but with a fuller modern sound. Imagine a penny whistle magically being heard over a entire orchestra that is accompanying an action adventure comedy. And then you have to imagine pirates, extra scruffy pirates. Pirates that you might find yourself singing along with.

You can listen to the tracks below. The “The Princess and the Fool” is available at many music sites, including the following:

Amazon MP3

If you like soundtracks, medieval music, or pirates, give this a spin and let me know what you think! If you want more music in this vein, check out “The Chamber of Keys”. By the way, the album cover was derived from a snapshot of a stained class window in Ireland that I found intriguing.

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