Album Release: World Dominance for Beginners

Ruling the world is easy and dystopia never sounded so good. Travel in the space between the rational and the emotional, the electronic and the symphonic, the normal and the unexpected.

This is the official soundtrack for the play “World Dominance for Beginners”. Sure, there’s a secret society that rules the world, but it’s not that malevolent. But it is a bad place for an office romance.

The theme of the album revolves around “Daisy Bell” (better known as “Bicycle Built for Two”). Harry Dacre’s song from 1892 has a long history including being the first song sung by computer synthesis and it was sung by the computer Hal in the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey”. The theme makes appearances in most of the songs as they deal with the relationship between the computers and humanity, the analytical and the emotional. Orchestras square off with arpeggiators and there is something distinctly human in the tension.

You can check out all the songs below in SoundCloud. You can buy the album or individual tracks on iTunes, AmazonMp3, and CDBaby.

Bonus! FREE download of “Bicycle Built for Mario”. Go here then under “More” click “download”.

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